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Your small bedroom will be look so pretty and different one

How to change the small rooms to be large is simple, then just learn more :

1) Create a Focal Point 

Every room needs a focal point, an eye catching spot that establishes a hierarchy so you don’t see just-a-jumble. Many times, the focal point is the head of the bed, which you can amplify with an arrangement of bold pillows. In a small space, your eye might also be attracted to the window. Rather than let these two strong elements compete for attention, place the bed in front of the window to meld cohesively. Or, dress one element the bed or the window neutrally, so it recedes and the other can take center stage.

2)Keep Things Open 

It might be tempting to buy the biggest bed possible to feather-a-luxurious-nest. But doing this in a small space tends to cause a more cramped feel. Instead, choose a bed with small stature that won’t choke the room, such as an iron bed with a see through headboard and footboard. Or pick a bed with no footboard at all, such as a platform or storage bed. Doing so will keep the middle of your room open, making it-feel-larger.

3)Go for It

There are two ways to treat a-smal-bedroom. You can make it dark and cozy with saturated berry reds or chocolate browns. Or, you can boost daylight with barely dressed windows and a light bouncing color on the wall, such as cloud white or sunshine yellow. Either-way, don’t take a weak approach. You can be bold in a small space without risking too much money or effort.

4)Sneak In Storage

In tight confines, every square inch is potential storage. Sure, you can stash sweater boxes under the bed, but if you boost the bed frame on blocks and add a voluminous skirt, you can hide a set of luggage under there. Place a storage ottoman under the window to hold extra bedding. Use a chest as a bedside table to gain drawer space. Make the most of your closet with an organizer system. And look for wall space where you can hang abookshelf.

5)Seize Opportunities in a Small Bedroom

Look for ways to make your small-bedroom-special. Decorate a bedroom with punchy fabrics and expressive patterns. Choose interesting lighting, such as a charming chandelier or sculptural table lamps. For a small bedroom idea that makes a statement, try an unusual headboard, Pick one that is extra tall, brightly upholstered, or curvy. And use artwork to show off your personality. It doesn’t have to be pricey framed snapshots will do. Remember, this is the most personal space in your home, so decorate a bedroom with what makes you happy.

Pretty Backyard With The Fire Pit Ideas

unduhanDo you know That there’s anything better than sitting around a bonfire eating toasty marshmallows-and-listening to crackling wood ? However, lives in an apartment and can’t enjoy such pleasures unless someone else is throwing a party. Here are some inspiring fire pits that you can use and practise it :

1. This artistic DIY mosaic fire pit is perfect for the bold color lover. Kristy O, of 3 Peppers, provides-detailed-steps of laying the pavers, creating the pit, and choosing the mosaic tiles for her Florida backyard project.

2. Giving old items new purpose is an art form. Sarah, creator of House and Fig, has that art mastered. She shows us in just seven steps how to turn a washing machine drum into a DIY fire pit. Talk about an upcycle.

3. Making a fire pit multipurpose isn’t something you’ll hear too often. Robin and Mike from All Things Heart and Home had a stellar idea to use their fire pit for not one, not two, but three purposes! Check out the how to on this fire pit tabletop game board.

4. Do you have a unique landscape feature that goes unused>>? Convert it into a fire pit!!! Lucy couldn’t keep the fish in her koi pond because of predators. Instead of constantly restocking, she let the water feature dry out. Now it makes a beautiful addition to her patio.

5. This DIY brick fire pit saved blogger Jim a pretty penny, costing only 1.35$. Most of the materials were leftovers scrapped from project sites. Check out Jim’s step by step guide on how to create this unique inground fire pit.

6. This tabletop fire pit is so neat. Karen shows us the detailed steps for making this portable fire pit on her blog, The Art of Doing Stuff. She goes as far as creating the glass enclosure and teaching us a cool trick with a spaghetti noodle.

7. If you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, this project is for you. From Man Made, a postmodern male’s hands on creativity blog, Chris shows readers how to create a concrete fire pit from scratch. Those who take on this project will really-enjoy Chris’s detailed explanations and images.

8. Morgan Satterfield of the Brick House needed to replace a-failed-attempt at a DIY cinder block fire pit. Testing out a new skill she picked up from friends, “Morgan explains a basic welding project to create this sleek, square fire pit”



How to closer with the beach just in home decorating

imagesBeach is the wonderful view that make you more fresh beside your activities. you like beach view but you don’t have much time to go arround it. You have many activities that must do everyday. In that case here the solution to make more creative, just decorating your home such as you are at beach, Let’s go to read :

1. DIY Sea Glass Vases

Accessorize “any room” in the house with sea glass vases. Skip the-department store’s hefty fee and make them yourself. The materials you just need a clear glass vases, rubbing alcohol, a flat tipped brush and frosty glass paint. -Add a personal touch to your project-by leaving messages in the bottles.

2. Driftwood Mirror

Bring the wild into your home by using driftwood. You can usually find this unique material washed up along the shore – or you can purchase it at a craft store. All you need is a few pieces of wood and some strong glue to transform a plain mirror into an enchanting statement piece.

3. Coastal Table Setting

Express your “love for the sea” by showcasing its different elements. Consider color, texture, size and pattern when styling your dining area.

4. Seashell Letters

Collecting seashells always sound like a good idea, but what do you do with them after your coastal adventure? Keep your seashore treasures from collecting dust in the garage by re purposing them as household decor. Display your favorite findings by gluing shells on to wooden letters.

5. DIY Starfish Salt Dough Garland

Who says that a garland has to be reserved for the winter months? Decorate-an-empty fireplace mantle or an old wooden fence with a seaside arrangement that will never go out of style.

6. Driftwood Sea Creature

Create a one of a kind composition-of-your favorite deep sea creature with a sheet of heavy-duty cardboard, a pencil, pieces of driftwood, a utility knife-and-a hot glue gun.

7. Knot Rope Lamp

Rope is a-classic-material that immediately gives any room a nautical feel. Place a knot rope lamp on the bedroom nightstand and let your dreams set sail.

8. Free Printable Wall Art

Wall art doesn’t have to be-expensive. Scientific journal like prints of seashells are available for free-online. You can also make custom prints using Photoshop. For an extra vintage touch, display your prints in-distressed-frames.

Your old calendar will be useful one for everything to look nice

Let’s creative with your old calendars with easy projects like turning calendar images into a-gallery-wall. The great idea and will be inspiration on you just here to stay. Get idea use old calendar to a good things :
Framed Small Calendars

For smaller calendars, an easy trick for framing is to cut a small square 4 x 4 inch in the center-of-a-mat, attach the art to the back of the mat, and frame. The combination of the larger white mat mixed with a smaller composition of art creates a modern and beautiful look. This type of framing is a great way to put even the smallest of calendars to good use.

Pretty Note Cards

Turn-plain note cards into something extraordinary by cutting your calendar design 1/4 inch smaller than the front of a note card. Use double sided tape to firmly adhere the design to the card. Another fun option is to create your own note cards by cutting the design to fit the size of-an-envelope. Finish the cards by attaching white cardstock with double sided tape to the backside of the calendar design.

Whimsical Gift Bows

Calendars are #traditionally vibrant in color and thick like cardstock, which is a perfect combination for creating colorful gift bows. We used a free printable bow template from Ash and Crafts found here, which makes this project so easy.

Gift Tags

Use a standard gift tag to make a-template-to-create your own gift tags using different parts of the calendar design. For a whimsical tag, use the month and days of the calendar rather than the image.

Creative Gift Wrap

Slip your old calendar into your stash of gift wrap to have it on hand as a creative alternative to wrap a small gift.

What’s wrong with your closet storage

To know you must do or not about the closet storage, just read at the following paragraph below :

Let’s Do :

Match and Label : Do use high quality matching hangers that create a seamless look in your clothing. Use different colors for sleeveless, short sleeve-and-long sleeve shirts, or simply distinguish hangers based on season.

Accessorize Accessories : Do hang purses and other accessories from decorative hooks or cabinet knobs installed on the closet wall. Stagger the height of hooks or knobs to make room for longer accessories or other items-stored-below.

Space Out Shoes : Do install floating shelves that are wide enough for shoes and boots and leave extra space to accommodate new-purchases. Slip quilted inserts into boots to keep them standing tall. You can store-workout gear in a single basket in the newfound floor space.

Save Hanging Space : Do use baskets or bins to store out-of-season items on a top shelf. Use inserts, if needed, to organize small items. Attach labels to bins to reinforce your organization strategy. These tags are made-by-attaching washi tape to cardstock. Then using a die cut punch to produce a fun shape.

Let’s Don’t :

Then don’t Leave Hangers Jumbled. Don’t use wire hangers that can damage your clothes and don’t use-mismatched hangers. Items will be-difficult to retreive with different shape hangers.


Hang Wherever : Don’t hang bags from haphazard wire–hangers or over the closet door. It isn’t sturdy and may block access to other items.

Forget Footwear : Don’t use #too small shoe racks. Shoes could fall off and end up in a pile on the floor and you’ll have no space for new shoes. Check out these other suggestions for-shoe-storage.


Let’s Knowing The Decorating Mistakes So Your Home Look More Wonderful One

You know that decorating with too many colors is guaranteed to make your home look cluttered and messy? Then, Just use one or two hues-combined with neutral colors to give your home a relaxed look. How the rooms look so pretty ? what’s kind of coloor that you must choose ? Then just choose The neutral color walls, rug, window coverings-and-furnishings allow the room to breathe as well as make the-room look more large space and pretty.

Here the tips that you can avoid it for decorating your home :
1. Use Too Many Pillows

Placing too many accent-pillows on a sofa or bed will instantly create a haphazard and untidy look. This living room looks pulled together and well decorated because the sofa isn’t laden with numerous decorative-pillows. Two accent pillows on each end of the sofa is the perfect amount to decorate this room with beautiful color-and-pattern.

2. Furniture Against Walls

Arranging all of your furniture up against the walls will make the space look cluttered and messy. What’s the solution ? Pull the furniture away from the walls and toward the center of the room as in this living room seating-arrangement. This grouping of four chairs around a coffee table creates the perfect conversation area. Ground-the-furniture with an area rug.

3. Too Much Decorating On Tables

Placing “too many” decorative accents on the entire surface of a table will make a room look cluttered. Instead, edit the number of decor accessories and then decorate the table in a vignette styleor create two groupings as in this photo. First, edit what you already have on the table top. Only-display what you love and what is functional,for example a small dish for storing car keys and sunglasses-and-remove the rest. Group many small objects in a jar or bowl. Elevate small objects on a stack of two or three books to give it a purposeful look.

Find the great solution for your room to look more space

images (1)It’s easy for small rooms to feel more large. But you have a problem with the rooms that you have, it limited space can be a challenge when trying to make your home stylish and ggod at grooming. This season, DIY Home has great solutions for maximizing cramped quarters with a-wide variety of storage.

here the easy one to learn more and make your room so wonderful although it’s a small rooms :

1.  Ashley Phipps of Simply Designing gave her kids’ bathroom a refresh. The Waffle Stripe Fabric Shower Curtain gives the bathroom some character and a-mature-style. If working in a small bathroom, consider a curved rod to maximize usable space.

2. Cassity of Remodelaholic transformed her mudroom to give her family more storage solutions. These Large Galvanized Silver Bins fit perfectly under a coffee table or bench, and are as-stylish-as they are functional.

3. Add some decorative storage pieces to your laundry closet like Chelsea of Making-Home-Base. She used the Gray Fabric Round Basket and theWoven Fringe Throw to give her laundry some style!

4. Welcome your guests with an “inviting entryway”. Liz of Hoosier Homemade added the Galvanized Wall Clock to her foyer to add to the Farmhouse-Chic aesthetic in her home.

5. In need of a closet clean out? Not only is her space the definition of (ClosetInspiration), Heidi of Honeybear Lane uses the Hand Woven Willo-Laundry-Hamper to easily organize laundry and separate darks and lights.

6. Stephanie of Casa Watkins transformed her daughter’s room from #infant to toddler with just a few new accent pieces. The Turned Accent Lamp with White Pleated Table Lamp Shade add a pop of color to any room and are super kid-friendly >>

7. All shoes need a home!! Bethany of Whoa Wait “Walmart” uses the Fabric Shoe Rack to keep all-of her shoes near and orderly.

Everything that you have at home will be useful and gorgeous things

Now frame will be useful one for your home decoration. it just need some frames that you have and let’s decorate your home to be a gorgeous one and different. Actually that make your home wonderful to looking is easy and simple. if you know the tips and trick. Then, just learn more the following paragraf below :


Little Inspiration gives her favorite Instagram-photos a more permanent home with an old frame, floral-wire, clips and a glue stick.


Don’t throw out the old, rusty silverware just yet-Instead, repurpose it with white spray paint. Spunky-Junky shows us how to transform ordinary silverware into one-of-a-kind artwork with frames and upholster.


While They Snooze transforms cheap-looking file cabinets into personalized and more-expensive cabinetry. You’re only a fresh set of hardware and a few white frames away.


Save money on paper by making your own dry erase board out of an 8 x 10 picture frame, scotch expressions masking tape and a white piece of cardstock. Two Twenty One shows us how it’s done.


One-of-a-kind artwork doesn’t have to break the bank. “Apartment Therapy” creates something exciting and new out of an ordinary piece of thrift store art by dipping its canvas and frame in paint.


Learn how to make your own pin cushion with Craftaholics Anonymous‘ easy tutorial. All you need is “a frame”, paint, fabric-and-batting.


Who says that picture-frames belong on the wall? Instead, use them as magnets on your refrigerator for “chore lists”, weekly schedules, the kids’ artwork and more. #Props to Vintage Glamorous for the idea.

Oh Crafts serves desserts on recycled frames. Convert any old frame into a tray like Lindy’s with a coat of spray paint-and-textured paper placed between the frame and glass.

Provide function for frames and style for shelves by-combining-the-two. See Shanty Chic for a quick and easy tutorial.

4 Creative Family Command Center

This time for School again. It’s time for the kids or your spouse and maybe even the puppy to-get-to classes and activities on time. Let’s keeping everyone schedule in order is not the simplest task. Then, just find it here. Let’s have an awesome group of entry family command-centers that will help you stay organized. Such as : Materially and mentally.

1. Family Command Center

This mom turned nursing student bargained her way to this lovely DIY command center. “Discount and dollar” store items helped the SweetAprils creator build a place for her and her husband to see where everyone was going to be each day. Not only that, she made it match-by-painting the frame, filing unit, and backpack hanger the same color as the inspirational board.

2. For the Essentials

Mom of two, Abby Lawson knew she’d need a new project to keep organized when her first child was starting kindergarten. She put together this cute-and-efficient command center right by her front door so she would remember all the little things. She curated a great list over at her blog, listing the essentials you’ll need for any command center. Anything you will need is just at an arm’s reach.

3. Let’s Updated Family Command Center

Have a couple cork boards and a calendar near the front door??? is it look crazy cluttered? just updated the outdated unorganized entry. It will make life much easier on your way out the door.

 4. Mission Control

Megan’s take on a family-command-center, is bright, bubbly, and oh is it organized! Right by the family entrance to the house, she created a series of DIY projects to make this drop zone for mail, keys, wallets-and-more. The fun color scheme and pattern paper bring the look together as the center crosses two walls.

Find Idea For DIY Home Decorating

Do you know that home decorating can make you more fresh and pleasure day ? you would like to decorate it but you have some problem with the money to decorate your houses or apartments. So just knowing some solid great and easy DIY home decor that are key for those of living on limited budgets who still want to decorating your home and affordable one.

If you’re moving into a new space and are looking for some cool-decorating-tips or you just on the hunt for some ways to accent the space that have, here are nine gorgeous home decorating ideas that will be help and inspire you :

1. Create Wall Gallery With Cheap Frames

Home decor author and blogger Laura Putnam recommended using-your wall-space, or gallery walls in a piece on her site about simple-ways to decorate your home. “Gallery walls” have become very popular over the last few years. The great thing about them is that pretty much every-single-one of them is different. Just gather picture frames in various shapes-and-sizes and arrange art and personal photos on one central wall space. And don’t be afraid to paint your frames if you want them to match.

2. Let’s Use A Mirrors

In a piece for Real Simple, interior designer Michael Garvey recommended using mirrors as-an-incredibly-simple decorating tool. He suggested putting a small table up against “a mirror”, and then placing a plant with big branches or flowers on the table on the mirror side. This will instantly make the plant look twice as large and also help open up a small room.

3. Stick On Wall-Paper For A Gorgeous Accent Wall

Stick on wall paper is an amazingly cheap alternative to traditional wall paper and gives you a ton more pattern variety than simply painting. You can find stick on wallpaper in retro-florals  faux or hard wood.