Pretty Backyard With The Fire Pit Ideas

unduhanDo you know That there’s anything better than sitting around a bonfire eating toasty marshmallows-and-listening to crackling wood ? However, lives in an apartment and can’t enjoy such pleasures unless someone else is throwing a party. Here are some inspiring fire pits that you can use and practise it :

1. This artistic DIY mosaic fire pit is perfect for the bold color lover. Kristy O, of 3 Peppers, provides-detailed-steps of laying the pavers, creating the pit, and choosing the mosaic tiles for her Florida backyard project.

2. Giving old items new purpose is an art form. Sarah, creator of House and Fig, has that art mastered. She shows us in just seven steps how to turn a washing machine drum into a DIY fire pit. Talk about an upcycle.

3. Making a fire pit multipurpose isn’t something you’ll hear too often. Robin and Mike from All Things Heart and Home had a stellar idea to use their fire pit for not one, not two, but three purposes! Check out the how to on this fire pit tabletop game board.

4. Do you have a unique landscape feature that goes unused>>? Convert it into a fire pit!!! Lucy couldn’t keep the fish in her koi pond because of predators. Instead of constantly restocking, she let the water feature dry out. Now it makes a beautiful addition to her patio.

5. This DIY brick fire pit saved blogger Jim a pretty penny, costing only 1.35$. Most of the materials were leftovers scrapped from project sites. Check out Jim’s step by step guide on how to create this unique inground fire pit.

6. This tabletop fire pit is so neat. Karen shows us the detailed steps for making this portable fire pit on her blog, The Art of Doing Stuff. She goes as far as creating the glass enclosure and teaching us a cool trick with a spaghetti noodle.

7. If you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, this project is for you. From Man Made, a postmodern male’s hands on creativity blog, Chris shows readers how to create a concrete fire pit from scratch. Those who take on this project will really-enjoy Chris’s detailed explanations and images.

8. Morgan Satterfield of the Brick House needed to replace a-failed-attempt at a DIY cinder block fire pit. Testing out a new skill she picked up from friends, “Morgan explains a basic welding project to create this sleek, square fire pit”