Your old calendar will be useful one for everything to look nice

Let’s creative with your old calendars with easy projects like turning calendar images into a-gallery-wall. The great idea and will be inspiration on you just here to stay. Get idea use old calendar to a good things :
Framed Small Calendars

For smaller calendars, an easy trick for framing is to cut a small square 4 x 4 inch in the center-of-a-mat, attach the art to the back of the mat, and frame. The combination of the larger white mat mixed with a smaller composition of art creates a modern and beautiful look. This type of framing is a great way to put even the smallest of calendars to good use.

Pretty Note Cards

Turn-plain note cards into something extraordinary by cutting your calendar design 1/4 inch smaller than the front of a note card. Use double sided tape to firmly adhere the design to the card. Another fun option is to create your own note cards by cutting the design to fit the size of-an-envelope. Finish the cards by attaching white cardstock with double sided tape to the backside of the calendar design.

Whimsical Gift Bows

Calendars are #traditionally vibrant in color and thick like cardstock, which is a perfect combination for creating colorful gift bows. We used a free printable bow template from Ash and Crafts found here, which makes this project so easy.

Gift Tags

Use a standard gift tag to make a-template-to-create your own gift tags using different parts of the calendar design. For a whimsical tag, use the month and days of the calendar rather than the image.

Creative Gift Wrap

Slip your old calendar into your stash of gift wrap to have it on hand as a creative alternative to wrap a small gift.